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MUWA SEOUL is MUWA's first URBAN RESIDENCE with easy access to shops, amenities and curated services.

MUWA's URBAN RESIDENCE is about connected living, a hub that puts you in the center of it all – transportation, businesses and a meticulously designed community alive with new experiences, spaces, and easy access to activities that allow you to thrive. Located at the heart of a global city, it’s not only a home to a special community but it is also a small city in of itself, bursting with a brilliant mix of contemporary culture and cutting-edge technology.

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MUWA's first urban residence


LOCATION: Jung-gu, Seoul, South Korea



Connected to the
Heart of the City

Seoul station – the symbolic gateway to the global metropolis of Seoul and South Korea. The country’s main railway stations hold an irreplaceable meaning and global value, not to be regarded as simply a transportation hub. Major cities like London, Tokyo, and New York are attracting economic and cultural resources manifesting their transformation into future hubs. MUWA SEOUL is a hub itself, a new urban lifestyle platform that offers a glimpse into the future of living, entrenched in luxury.


Future of Urban Village

MUWA SEOUL enthusiastically embraces the concept “Future of Urban Village.” It’s an urban complex located in the heart of Seoul in South Korea. MUWA SEOUL is elite living at the center of it all – business offices, hotels, shopping malls, restaurants, hospitals, convention centers, and more. It’s a space that represents an unprecedented shift in paradigm and living lifestyle combining nature’s best with cutting-edge technology. The words “Connection,” “Evolution,” and “Excellence” are embodied by every space and content that make up MUWA SEOUL, connecting cultures and technologies, and evolving lifestyles as we know it, all while holding us to a new standard that is nothing short of superb.


Urban Santuary &
Inspiring Platform

Aiming to be an Urban Sanctuary, MUWA SEOUL is a luxury residence for those who value privacy, distinctive taste, and personalized experiences. It's not only a space for those who appreciate privacy and personalization, but it also offers a unique environment where you can fully experience the lifestyle you've dreamed of, emphasizing connection and convenience.


Explore the exceptional

MUWA SEOUL is a new lifestyle platform combining premier residential living with exclusive retail shopping, community areas, and luxurious hotel living. It is a city within a city and as a MUWA SEOUL residence owner, standard privileges give you special access to everything from the swimming pool to party rooms to owner lounges to golf simulators. MUWA Services will keep you pampered with housekeeping, wine butler service, grocery shopping, private lessons, and it will even walk your dog. All the modern conveniences, services and amenities are at your fingertips so you’ll not only live, you’ll thrive. Be the first to experience the future of city living. MUWA SEOUL, you’re invited.


Embody the essence of
Timeless Value

MUWA SEOUL was created by Henning Larson Architects founded by world-renowned Danish architect Henning Larson. The external appearance conveys the impression of harmony focused on intertwining nature and architecture, connecting the city's past and present while also considering sunlight and greenery. What makes MUWA SEOUL special is our brand philosophy and our numerous partnerships in the service industry that includes Korea’s first 6-star luxury hotel, world-renowned luxury brand flagship stores and gourmet dining restaurants.


Henning Larsen Architects was founded by Henning Larsen, a Danish architect who is renowned for his pursuit of dynamic and sustainable architecture creations. He is often referred to as the “master of light.” Some of his more famous projects include the Copenhagen Opera House and the Wave, both of which take their inspirations from nature. This global architectural office emphasizes the harmony between the architecture and the natural environment surrounding it.

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